House rules


  • Entrance check 
    Anyone who participates in a lesson or takes part in a course should have a valid membership. This membership will be registered, is personally bounded and exclusively valid for the sport(s) that have been paid for. At the first registration, a finger print will be taken, which will provide your access via the scanners at the various locations (see photo) 
  • Garderobe/ changing rooms / lockers 
    Sports centre VU can not be held responsible for damage, loose or theft of properties. The use of garderobe / changing rooms / lockers is at your own risk. When a locker key is lost, € 10,00 administrationcosts will be charged.
  • Restitution 
    Sold memberships will not be taken back, unless a valid medical reason can be shown.
  • Safety
    Indications of staff should always be followed up. In case of fire, accidents, aggression or other emergencies please contact the front office employee.
  • Alcohol
    We do not serve alcahol to persons younger than 16 years and we don't serve spiritis to persons that are younger than 18 years.
  • Smoking 
    Sports centre VU is a smoke free area. A smoke detector has been placed in all the rooms of the sports centre. When the alarm goes off due to abuse, the costs will be for the renter/abuser.
  • Consumptions
    Consumptions may not be taken to the sport halls. Comsumptions may only be used in  the canteen or at the platform.
  • Lost and Found 
    You can hand in found items at the front desk.
  • Pets
    No pets are allowed into sports centre VU. 
  • Behaviour 
    We do not accept any kind of misbehaviour, racism or discrimination. Threat, abuse and other forms of aggresions are prohibited and will result in a immediate disposal out of the building and a denial of your access.
  • Damage and theft
    In case of theft or damaging the property of Sports centre VU, the police will be contacted for a report.
  • Drugs, weapons and (stolen) property
    Using, dealing or carrying any kind of drugs or (stolen) item is prohibited. Carrying knifes or any other kind of weapon is strictly prohibited.
  • Children
    Supervision ofchildren (under18 years) is your own responsibility.We do not have a child care.

You might be rejected out of the building by one of the employees in case of breaking one or more of the houserules. In case of misbehaviour, a warning will be given and a confirmation letter of this warning will be written. By a repeat of this misbehaviour, a rejection out of the building will follow and a rejection letter will be written. In case of any unlawful behaviour or facts,  the police will be contacted.