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University Sports Centre VU brings people together, wants to get the best out of you and create memorable experiences. We have been doing so for almost half a century. University Sports Centre VU is because of the bond with the university a place where many university students and university staff enjoy sports. But a large part of our membership also consists of people who have no direct link with the university.

08/22/2017 | 3:16 PM

In order to create memorable experiences the following values are important to us: quality, attention, knowledge and fun. We want to offer the highest quality and support at every level. Because of the close connection with science and especially movement science we are able to do so. We assist with just as much care and pleasure a individual athlete who trains two times a week as the rowers who aim for Olympic gold in 2020. Our teachers understand perfectly that every achievement is a breakthrough and that a breakthrough is differtent to every person.
Currently we offer more than 30 different sports, ranging from fitness to yoga and indoor soccer to boxing. Our sports centre has expanded from 2.900m2 to over 6,200m2 last year, with a new sports hall, new fitness areas and two new studios. But despite this growth, we find it important the real club feeling persists; an ultra-modern and multifunctional but also gregarious and sociable sports centre where new champions are born and memorable experiences are realized.

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