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Join Sports Centre VU: a memorable experience!


University Sports Centre VU brings people together, wants to get the best out of you and create memorable experiences. We have been doing so for almost half a century. University Sports Centre VU is because of the bond with the university a place where many university students and university staff enjoy sports. But a large part of our membership also consists of people who have no direct link with the university.

Try one day for free


You can try our group lessons or the fitness facilities one day for free

Late summer Speed Cycling


Did you also enjoy those beautiful images from the Tour the France?

27 June | Battle of the Units


Join forces with your flatmates and compete with other units in various sports at the battle of the units.

Tennis Summerschedule


From 1 April till 1 October Sports Centre VU has two gravel courts available

Summer offer and schedule


Get in shape this summer for only €35

1 June | Boxing ball


Boxing ball in Sports Centre VU

Spinning marathon


Join the spinningmarathon for charity

VU Fit at work extended


VU University employees can continue to profit from free aerobics and gym use.

Spring holidays opening hours


An overview of the adjusted opening hours for the spring holidays.

28 april | Spinning marathon


Spinning marathon on 28 April. Join and support the charity

25 March | Start cycling season


USC and SVU offer cycling training from 25 March until late September, with a summer break from 21 June till 29 July. Trainer: Kees de Vrij.

Zumba Marathon


Join the Zumba marathon and support KWF Kankerbestrijding

Valentine's day


Receive 25% discount on Thursday 14 February.

Christmas holidays schedule


Due to the Christmas holidays the opening hours and lesson schedule have been adjusted. From January 8th we will be going back to our regular opening hours.