Basketball is a fast, attractive sport that is constantly under development. Attack and defense alternate each other quickly and a lot of scoring is involved. Great demands are made on the athletic ability, technical skills and tactical insight of the players. You can play basketball in two forms: Traditional 5 x 5 on a whole basketball field or the new trendy 3 x 3 on half a basketball field with custom rules. At Sports Centre VU we offer both forms.

Recreational Basketball

- 5x5 Tuesday
5x5 basketball is played on a whole basketball court with ten players (5 against 5). The recreational 5x5 basketball trainings are organized every Tuesday from 18:30 to 20:00 in Sport Hall 1 under the guidance of SVU basketball coaches. All basic techniques and tactics are practiced during the training. You also play some matches against each other and you meet the SVU Basketball association. To participate, you can buy a separate basketball membership, but you can also join with an all-in membership.

- 3x3 Thursday
3x3 basketball was recognized by the FIBA ​​in 2011 as an official discipline within basketball. 3x3 Basketball you play with six players on half a basketball court. In addition, the rules are also slightly modified. With more than 250 million practitioners worldwide 3x3 basketball has become the largest urban team sport in the world. 3x3 is a low-profile form of basketball.  All players are actively involved in the game and every player has the chance to score. It is also very accessible because 3x3 can be played anywhere in the area (outside / inside). In the Netherlands, 3x3 is becoming more and more popular. The by the Dutch Basketball Bond and the municipality of Amsterdam organized Streetball Masters Summer and Winter Tour grows each year with more tournaments and more participants.

At Sports Centre VU you can also play 3x3 basketball under the guidance of the SVU Basketball trainers. Every Thursday: 21:00 - 23:00 in Sport Hall 1 (part 2). To participate, you can buy a seperate basketball membership, but you can also join with your all-in membership. If you participate, you can win a free ticket to the Streetball Masters 3x3 summer and winter tournaments in Amsterdam.

With a basketball recreation card, you can participate in these recreational trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Free trial training
For new members it is possible to try all sports of Sports Centre VU one day for free. So join a basketball practice for free! Maximim one free day pass per person, please sign up at the desk at one of our two locations.


Sports Centre VU is the home to the student basketball club of the VU: SVU Basketball. Become a member of this association, then it is possible to compete in the league of the Dutch Basketball Bond and train with a team at your own level. The team trains once a week on Tuesdays. On Thursdays, you can train (if you want) for a second time with recreational basketball players. You play matches on the weekends. Also, the association SVU Basketball organizes tournaments, parties and other activities throughout the year.

Training times Association SVU Basketball
Tuesday: 21:30 - 23:00h Sports hall 1: Men
Unfortunately we don't have a ladies team this season. 
Costs: Contribution association SVU Basketball + NBB contribution: € 185,00 + Membership Sports Centre VU.
Info: Send an email to the head coach: Urbian Vreds -

See the Facebook page of SVU Basketball for more information.

PeriodSeptember - June
Membership type
all-in membership / basketball membership
(plus club fee)
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