Floris, Zorro, gladiators in the Roman arena`s, who does not know them?
Fencing has always been part of the Olympic Games and is practiced all over the world. A challenging and exciting sport where physical speed and agility meets with resilience and tactical discipline. No Olympic dream needed.

Essentially it involves the clash of a man or a woman against a man or a woman in which both opponents go to great lengths to eliminate each other. It's a dream scenario: fighting without damaging each other. Fencing is an individual sport and you can experience how your game style and dedication can improve with practice. It offers students a creative way to be disciplined and sportive with an opponent in a combat situation. Balance, speed, coordination and respect are key.

Do you want to learn how to fence? Every Monday from 20:00 to 22:30 Sports Centre VU offers fencing classes. It is a classroom lesson and consists of a warm up, general exercises, specific exercises fencing and eventually the lesson ends with a game. To join a training regular training clothes and indoor shoes are enough, all other attributes that are required for fencing (masks, guns, vests and gloves) are provided by the Sports Centre VU. For advanced students or for those who want to train more: More individual lessons or games are possible between 21.30- 23.00. Ask the trainer.

PeriodSeptember - June, see the Schedule
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