Fitness house-rules

·        Minimum age for access to the gym is 16 years and older. Children up to 16 year old are not allowed to enter the fitness area, unless they have permission of the fitness instructor.

·        Every user of the gym needs to have a valid fitness or all-in membership.

·        Clean clothes and shoes are obligated. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the gym.

·        Every user of the gym has to follow the orders of the fitness instructors.

·        For hygienic reasons every user of the gym needs to use a towel.

·        Clean and dry the cardio-equipment after usage. Cleaning materials (paper towels and cleaning liquids) are widely available in the fitness areas.

·        No bags, jackets or luggage in de fitness areas. Lockers are availlable at sevaral locations in the buildings.

·        VU Sports Centre is not responsible for stolen or lost items.

·        Clean up after using any of the fitness equipment like weights, tubes, ropes etc.

·        It is not allowed to throw or drop weights.

·        Damage on equipment, inventory and/or building will be repaired on the costs of the person who caused the damage.

·        It is not allowed to control the sound system or televisions yourself.