Pole dancing

Be warned, because pole dancing is very addictive!

Pole dancing is a form of fitness, without heavy weights or boring treadmills. You can do it at home, in a gym, a dance school or even outside. There are many different forms, such as expressing a song while pole dancing, pole fitness (hardcore techniques), pole-art (using pole dancing as an art form) and floor work (sensual movements on the floor and around the pole). Pole dancing is very intensive and can be seen as a sport. It might even become an Olympic sport!

Pole dancing is a full body workout; every muscle in your body is trained, especially your core, arms and legs. It will also improve your flexibility, coordination and balance and do not forget your endurance. These are just the physical benefits; There are too many psychological benefits. Many pole dancers, regardless of age or body shape, say they are in the best shape of their lives and have never felt so good. Regardless of your level, there is always a challenge and always a victory. That makes pole dancing so inspiring and powerful!

Online reservation classes

It is to be advised to make an online reservation for the pole dancing classes. This can be done from two days before the actual class starts. To do this you go to  mijn.sportcentrumvu.nl/en/home
After logging in, go to 'Reservations' and look for the available lessons. Please be aware reservation is only possible from two days in advance.

You can use the emailadress with which you're registred at the Sportcentre. If you're logging in for the first time, please use 'Forgot password' to receive a password in your mailbox.


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