Spin & shape

Spin & Shape is an intensive workout with a lot of different exercises. Spinning (RPM), bodypump, abdominal training and dynamic exercises with weights (sometimes in a circuit) are included in these workouts. Almost no dancing, no choreography, but an intensive training on great music. A lot of students are addicted to this unique training workout.

Online reservation classes

It is to be advised to make an online reservation for the Spin & shape classes. This can be done from two days before the actual class starts. To do this you go to  mijn.sportcentrumvu.nl/en/home
After logging in, go to 'Reservations' and look for the available lessons. Please be aware reservation is only possible from two days in advance.

You can use the emailadress with which you're registred at the Sportcentre. If you're logging in for the first time, please use 'Forgot password' to receive a password in your mailbox.

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