Courses and training

General information
You can register for a semester (course/training/cardio) at the desk of one of our locations. For some classes you can also register online, but this is only available in Dutch language. For private training, contact Marielle (see below). The year is divided into 4 semesters:

  • September, 4 weeks (outdoor)
  • autumn, 10 weeks (October - December, indoor)
  • winter, 10 weeks (January - March, indoor)
  • spring, 10 weeks (April - June, outdoor)

1) Courses
Basis technical and tactical skills in a group of 6 persons on a court. Class is once a week, for 1 hour. There are 4 levels:

  • Beginners: never had tennis training before.
  • Level 10: you did at least one course before. FH, BH and service techniques are known, but no real stability yet.
  • Level 9: you have control over the basics (FH, BH en service) and can perform a 10 strike rally. Some experience in volley and smashing.
  • Level 8: you can play a rally with the basics and differentiate with baseline play and net play.

2) Training
Improve your technical and tactical skills, but also attention for strength and conditioning and mental aspects. Training takes place once a week for 1,5 hours, with a maximum of 10 persons on 2 courts. Levels 7, 5/6 and 3/4. 

Note: the training is only accessible if you have a KNLTB membership. If you don't have a KNLTB membership or have questions about your level, contact Mariëlle (0611363101) or Borre (06 26638826) before you register.

3) Cardio Tennis   
CardioTennis is a new tennis workout, coming over from Florida (USA). In CardioTennis, you work on your individual goals within a group of 4-10 persons. Primary targets: improve your condition and burn calories. In the training we use heart rate monitors and motivational music.

A CardioTennis workout takes 1 hour. You only need a racket and it is a lot of fun!!

4) Private training
With you own group on 1 court, with a private trainer. Only available for students and university employees. Registration at one of our locations. Payment all in once. Prices:
- 1 hour/week (4 weeks): 175 euro total (students) / 220 euro total (VU/VUmc employees) / 240 euro total (others)
- 1 hour/week (10 weeks): 440 euro total (students) / 550 euro total (VU/VUmc employees) / 605 euro total (others)

For more information on the tennis program, contact Marielle (