Volleyball is organized by student volleyball club 'SVU Volleybal'. You can either play recreationally or you can decide to play in a competition team. At SVU Volleybal it is possible to play at your own level because the club hosts eight women's and four men's teams at different levels.

All teams train on Monday. On Monday (see Schedule) is an open training for recreational volleyball. Higher teams also have an additional training on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can try for a competition team by sending an email to tc@svuvolleybal.nl. A committee will then invite you to join a training and show your skills. SVU Volleybal is also very active in tournaments, parties and social weekends, including a successful world-record attempt in December 2011 for the world's longest volleyball match. Browse to www.svuvolleybal.nl for more information.


PeriodAugust - June, see schedule
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all-in membership / volleyball membership
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